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I\\\'m A Failure, Who Are You?

Hey, I'm A failure, who are you?
Are you failure too?

Great! there's a pair of us you now!
But wait .. I know who you are

You are me
And me myself is you

We're locked into the same person
We are one, I'm certai....

Why I Hate Holidays!!!

And I'm jailed
Inside a place called home
Where in the absence of light
I try finding my voice
I feel sad today
I hate all holidays

Trust me I'll apologize
I'll show on my face
And my words shall yell
Yet inside....

পাপের ফল ফিরে আসে

পাপের ফল ফিরে ফিরে আসে।

২০১৮ সালের ৬ আগস্ট স্কুলের ছোট ছোট বাচ্চারা নিরাপদ সড়ক চেয়ে আন্দোলনে নেম....

I Wish I Died

I wish I died
Before I faced such fiasco
I wish i died before I cried,
I never knew this world,
I knew nothing about all this,
Maybe I should have died in birth
Yes, death be not proud,
Cause you haven't taken me yet,
What are you stil....

The Darkness

You would never know it,
The constant pain I feel,
Because in the light of day
It almost isn't real.

Sure, I'll play, I'll laugh,
I'll sing some songs,
But that pain is always lurking
Because it's been here all along.

You Are With Me

You are with me!
You are with me,
And my days fill
with fresh feeling
And mellow chime,
There is Spring
that’s fairly healing
In Falls all the time.
In my eyes remorse,
pain – one can see,
You are with me!
There is love[b....

My Diary part-1

জীবনে সফলতার থেকে অনেক বেশি ব্যার্থতা দেখেছি আমি। আজ আমি কিছু শিখেছি তা শুধু সেই ব্যর্থতার কারণে। বহ....

The Way I Felt Everything About You

I fell for your dimpled laughter last winter.
And then for your accent.
And you didn't notice me
Staring at you.

Those eyes were cold as the Arctic winter
& the sheer sunlight speckled it
Like dying embers.

I Wonder

It's not every day where you bump into a person
Then find a blessing,
It's unusual like magic,
So when you do find that person
As your blessing,
Show appreciation

We often tell how much we adore someone
Though we're not showing[....

I\\\'m Sorry

I'm sorry

My insecurities are gone
When i feel your touch,
My tears dry up
When i look into your eyes,
I know i can be demanding,
I'm sorry for loving you too much!

At first having you in my life,
I thought it was just luc....

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