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Why Digital Marketing is Better Than Traditional Marketing ?

Why Digital Marketing is Better Than Traditional Marketing ?

There is much more interaction and customer engagement
With Traditional Marketing it’s very difficult to interact with your audience. Often, brands have to wait for customers to get in contact with them in order to take the next step in the process. On the other hand, with digital marketing strategies, brands can instantly connect with their targeted audience via social media comments, emails or instant messengers. It is also much easier to engage your audience in discussions via video or questions, meaning your brand has a much better presence, thus increasing the likelihood of repeat customers or brand loyalty. Additionally, businesses can much better engage with their customers if there are any problems or issues, as communication is instantaneous.

The results can be easily measured
With older methods – such as handing out brochures or advertising in newspapers, it’s almost impossible to measure success. In contrast, when utilising digital marketing in your strategy, you can instantly measure and view all information – from conversion and bounce rates to the number of visitors, tools such as Google Analytics mean that businesses can easily study the success of their campaigns, and then adjust them accordingly.

You can target a larger range of audiences
The majority of the time, traditional marketing only reaches a local or regional audience, even if your business isn’t restricted to those locations. With online marketing, you can tailor your campaigns to reach a number of different regions, countries or even specific demographics. This means that each campaign can be altered to best appeal to your audience, rather than with traditional marketing, which uses a blanket effect – more generic keywords and content in the hopes of connecting with a wider audience.



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