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The Journey To The FriendsDiary.NeT.

The Journey To The FriendsDiary.NeT.

-c2- the Journey was began 2014 when the 1st time I am using this type of online community site. That was not FD but similar like FD . Durbiin and me are both of was using this side. Durbiin was my senior brother in my college and some of my others friends also involved this site. I have too much excited about that side. After some month this site has loosed their all active member and site was down. Admin from this site has made it shouted.
-c2- then I was too much confused about that matter. But nothing to do. After 2 year I asked Durbiin there are any site like my previous site, then he gave me a new site which called FriendsDiary.NeT . After got this site I have made him thank. So, I am feeling curiosity about it. Then I open my new account and I have seen many system was updated with a large number of active members. But I felt nervous, I am thinking, how can I started my conversation. But some members makes me easy and that was a great catch up with them. When I am member for 30 days in FD , then someone stolen my Laptop and Handset from my room. For that reason a long distance has made from FD .
-c2- After 1 and hulf years FireFist knock me in Facebook and tell me about FD in boradly. He said me that now a large number of member do active in everyday & he got STAFF position. Then I was felt more exicite than before. I came back on FD & some days later I open a new accunt, STAFF help me out form disable my prevoius account . My previous accounts activity was soo poor for a lack of long gap.

-c2- So, now I am still using called FriendsDiary.NeT and I am passing a lagre time on FD in perday. I am enjoying more than before with all of members from FD . Especially I wanna like to give thanks SABBIR VAI & KusHoL both of this STAFF alawyas help me out as a friend.

Thats all from me & it was my full story. Thnk you all for spend your time in here & thanks for the most important person FAHIM VAI who gave us that commonity site.



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