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I\\\'m Sorry

I\\\'m Sorry


I'm sorry

My insecurities are gone
When i feel your touch,
My tears dry up
When i look into your eyes,
I know i can be demanding,
I'm sorry for loving you too much!

At first having you in my life,
I thought it was just luck
But now i realised
It's a blessing in disquised
Though i feel otherwise sometimes
Cause i'm the jealous type!

At times i prepare a speech
Just to tell you
How much you've hurt me
But my elocution haunt me
As soon as you ask me,
I'm talkactive but don't ask me
How i lose my words and feel pain in my throat thinking of something deep!

I don't know really...
I think i'm bad at love
Cause i make the same mistakes
That break the connection between us,
If i knew your description
Of your perfection cause i'm willing!
I have you and can't stop dreaming!

Sometimes i'm not angry
I'm hurt,
Maybe that's also mutual
To the two of us cause i hear
All your complaints and they're not lies,
You're right and i'm sorry
I wish you could trust me!

I'm sorry for all the questions,
Probably you're wondering
Why i ask so many questions,
Well it's because i fear too much
It hurts to think i might be the bridge
For you to cross over to your loved one
Forgiveness is all i ask.


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