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Abraham Lincoln- A case of perseverance and Determination

Abraham Lincoln- A case of perseverance and Determination



Great People are Ordinary but with Extra ordinary amount of Determination and Hard Work - Abraham Lincoln
A BIOGRAPHY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12,1809.He was bred in a single LPG cabin Kentucky destined for greatness, moulded for achievement to become a hero**

He lead the United States to its greatest constitutional, military and moral Crises,the American Civil War.And in so during, he preserved the Union and abolished slavery, strengthened the national government and modernised the Economy.Even though he was raised from a poor Family on the Western Frontier, he Constrastingly brought military glory to the Star,the attractive rainbow that rose in the Shower of blood.

When Abraham Lincoln was nine,his mother Nancy Lincoln died of a mild Sickness.Moreover her first child,Robert Todd Lincoln was born in 1843 but died on February one,1850.He Probably died of Tuberculosis.

Willie Lincoln,her this child,born on December 24,1850 also died of on February 20,1862!.Her fourth Son Thomas Tad Lincoln born on April 4,died of a heart Failure!

Abraham Lincoln suffered from Melancholy,a condition which is now referred to as Clinical Depression Nicknamed The Honest Abe. Abraham Lincoln contested for the Presidency several times but was never discouraged will with the same ultra motive of emanating the Star from the Shackles of Slavery and giving them the Freedom from the ram Shackle of Racial Discrimination when the Black Americans were considered as no Citizens of America.

However on November 6,1860,Abraham Lincoln was elected as the Seventeenth President of the United States of America and assumed office on *March 4,1861.However Abraham Lincoln according to Historians was the Greatest president to ever Rule the United States of America

This However due to the fact that he successfully guided his Country through the Most devastating experience in the History of the United States of America Civil War!

During his four year's tenure, the Star knew peace and each Citizens had the aura of Freedom. He was a Man of humble Origin which lef him to the Nation's Highest Office.

The Honest Abe was however a great motivator. He was indeed moulded and baked with saying his Geety bug address of 1863,which became the most quoted speech in the American History. He was Virtually a peaceful and gentleman as he opposed war with Mexico in 1846.Pitifully, he was the first President of the State to be assassinated. John Wilkie's was Found Responsible for the death of the American Hero!!!

Abraham Lincoln will Forever be respected,regarded and remembered because he was indeed AN AMERICAN HERO


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