Friendsdiary Terms of Service

Last Update: June 2017

General Terms:

1. Spaming is not allowed. Sending Personal details or providing website link to any other users will be considered as SPAM.
2. By clicking On resister button you are responsible for all of your personal action. FriendsDiary will not take any responsibility.
3. Giving threat, Misbehave, Violation any Law make your ID get disabled instantly. And legal action will be taken against the ID.
4. You can not use any adult words, talk against any respected persons or important persons. If you do your ID will be deleted and legal action will be taken.
5. You can only send SMS to verified phone users. You also have verify your phone before you send SMS.
6. If you posts any violence, sensitive photos, sharing sensitive status that against the normal behavior your ID will be flaged and you (Only you) will take the responsibilty.
7. To enjoy BDT related services you must verify your phone number first for security reason.
8. We have rights to freez/disable/ban your account anytime without prior notice.
9. WE can update our Terms of Service anytime without any prior notice.

About Phone and Email IP Address:

1. We collect user email and phone to secure our community as a safe place.
2. To protect Fraud, Spammer users can not remove email, phone directly. It always requires a admin approval. SO that we can track a user activity.
3. We collect a set of IP address from the users to track users activity.
4. By clicking on register button you are agree with our terms and we can send promotional sms, email time to time with product information and site relevant information.
5. We do not share any personal information to any other third party. Your email and phone number is always stored secretly on our server end.
6. We do not store any phone or email by ourself. Only users can input their phone numbers or email by themself by receiving a verification code and input by the users.
7. You can not remove your phone number / Email address anytime for security purpose. If you violate any terms we will use that information to take furthers steps.
8. You can not use 1 phone number in multiple IDs.
9. You can not use 1 Email Address in multiple IDs.